High Sugar Consumption. A Major Cause of Diabetes?

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Diabetes is related to a high blood sugar level. It is only natural to assume if you have a sweet tooth then this chronic disease is not too far away. Usually, the misconception is that eating too much sugar leads to type-2 diabetes but it is just one piece of a massive jigsaw puzzle. Factors including metabolism, genetics and exercise — are other few pieces

Researchers have also pointed fingers at carbohydrates-rich food, poor metabolism, alcohol consumption, and insulin resistance, among other factors, which leads to diabetes. At the core of it, Type-2 Diabetes is nothing but malfunction of the pancreases.

When the pancreases are unable to produce enough or any insulin, at all, it leads to Type-2 and Type-1 diabetes, respectively. Insulin is a hormone important for the body. It lets our cells and tissues absorb sugar from our bloodstream to produce energy for our day-to-day activities.

We commonly consume white sugar or table sugar through beverages including tea and coffee, traditional sweets, and desserts. This sugar, made from sugarcane or beet sugar, is nothing but sucrose. When consumed, the product spikes up blood-sugar levels and signals the pancreases to release insulin. A healthy body absorbs glucose, a sub-element of sucrose, to create energy. And fructose, the second element, majorly goes to the liver, as fat, and gets stored for energy needed in the future. If sugar consumption is more than usual required glucose will be absorbed but the extra will enter the liver increasing the fatty acid, which will, in turn, lead to weight gain.

This situation could further aggravate into a fatty liver, and insulin resistance, which will draw a person closer to contacting diabetes. Hence, although not closely associated, high sugar consumption could be a gateway for Type-2 Diabetes.

But not all sugar is a health hazard. If you have a sweet tooth try getting your sugars from natural sources. These include fruits and vegetables. The digestion of such substances is slow and does not shoot up a blood-sugar level because with glucose there is also fiber, which helps digestion. Natural sweeteners including honey, maple syrup, and agave syrup, does not have the same effect as white sugar but should be consumed in moderation. These products have more glucose and almost no fiber, which again makes digestion a challenge.

It is good to have a sweet tooth. With the holiday season and celebrations who wouldn’t want to munch on those cakes and gooey cinnamon rolls. Indulgence is good. Healthy even. But try to indulge in some natural sugar sources for those daily cravings and you would be sorted.


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